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Let's get the a certificate for climbing to the summit of Mt.Fuji !!

This is a servce for ordering of a certificate for climbing to the summit of Mt. Fuji.
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Terms of Use for the certificate for climbing to the summit of Mt. Fuji

  • The certificate, an official document approved by Japan Mt.Fuji Association, is a paid service for those who reach the summit of Mt. Fuji.
  • Eligibility for the certificate will be judged based on the picture submitted with the application form and will be endorsed by the Japan Mt.Fuji Association. We will issue a certificate to those who pass inspection.
  • We cannot issue a certificate to those who clearly did not climb to the summit, or those who submit an unclear picture or do not have other evidence of reaching the summit.
  • The certificate will be issued in accordance with the terms laid out by this company, but will be suspended if found in violation of the terms as laid out in this site, or in cases of failure to pay. Moreover, if any violations are discovered after the certificate is issued, you will be asked to return the certificate, and your fees and postage will not be returned except in certain circumstance.
  • As for those who apply for the certificate, we may send information about our services and Mt. Fuji.
  • We also prohibit selling the certificate to a third party.
  • In the even of a natural disaster, or other reason, there may be changes, shortages or stoppages to the services, without notice.

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  • Within the limits listed above, our company may entrust your personal information with an outside third party company. In this case, appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that your personal information is not leaked.
  • In addition, we follow the conventions established by the Japan Mt.Fuji Association regarding the privacy of your personal information.
    Japan Mt.Fuji Association Privacy Policy
    http://www.yamanashi-kankou.jp/about/privacy.html (Japanese text only)

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