privacy policy


Japan Mt.Fuji Association

“noboru noboru FUJISAN,” as outsourced to by the Japan Mt.Fuji Association manages the certificate for those climbers who accomplish the goal of climbing to the summit of Japan’s number one mountain, Mt. Fuji. The Japan Mt.Fuji Association, in addition to the management of climbing Mt. Fuji, also carries out sightseeing and touring around Mt. Fuji, and supports registering Mt. Fuji as one of the World’s Cultural Heritage sites.

For customers who use our certification service, make inquiries, suggestions or comments, all personal information will be handled according to the guidelines laid out by Japan Mt.Fuji Association’s Privacy Policy.

management outsourcing company

J-Bound Inc. (belonging to Phonet Group)

Phonet Group (J-Bound Inc, Phonet Corporation, Port Corporation, Tokyo Phonet, Smart Corporation) (henceforth called “this group”), as a company dealing with important personal information about our customers, is committed to protecting the rights and interests of your personal information, as laid out in the "Guidelines on the Protection of Personal Information in the Telecommunications Business," (Notice No. 695 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, released August 31, 2004) and other applicable laws and regulations and as such has established this privacy policy.
Furthermore, we recognize that protecting personal information is highly important to maintain a relationship of trust with our customers, and we will continue to conduct our business in such a manner


  • This group promotes a thorough and continual educational campaign for all employees and executives about the importance of personal information privacy and protection, and how to put these things into practice.
  • Rules and regulations regarding the privacy policy are made clear to all employees of this group. It is known to all employees that any breach of a customer’s privacy or disclosure of personal information will be dealt with severely.
  • This group will appoint someone to be in charge of protecting personal information for every division that collects or uses our client’s information.
  • In order to prevent unauthorized access, destruction, alteration and loss of the client’s personal information by human, physical, technical or systematic means, this group strives to maintain and improve upon the security measures.
  • If you provide personal information to this group, we use your personal information after we receive your consent, tell you the reasons why we collect it, and give you customer support’s contact information.
  • This group does not provide personal information to third parties, except in cases where the customer has granted permission, or in cases where it is required by law.
  • If the customer wishes to make an inquiry about, update or stop use of your personal information gathered by this group, please contact customer service, and we will respond to your request within a reasonable time.
  • In observance of this group’s rules and regulations about personal information, along with those established by the Japanese government, this group conducts an internal audit on a regular basis to determine that we are protecting our client’s personal information. In addition, this group continues to review and improve the management and protection of any personal information gathered.

Established February 28, 2005
Phonet Group Management, Masayuki Ueda